Offline Marketing – So Easy A Caveman Could Do It!

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    Well, not really – but it is one of the quickest ways for a new internet marketer to start making some income.
    I was on one of my favorite marketing forums the other day (Earn 1K a Day) and one of the members was recounting a recent conversation with his ‘regular job’ boss and they began to discuss using the internet to market several of their products.
    Offline Marketing Webinar
    My friend proceeded to talk about landing pages, email autoresponders, Facebook business pages, social media, backlinking, etc.
    His co-workers were astounded at the amount of knowledge he had and began to pick his brain on various subjects and what they could do to begin implementing some of the ideas.
    The truth is that as an internet savvy marketer you have skills and techniques that brick and mortar business owners want, need and are willing to pay significant amounts of money to have you implement.
    It is certainly nice to build and promote 100 or so affiliate sites that each bring in $20-50 a month revenue but with just a little more work (and some personal salesmanship) you can have 30 or so offline clients and charge $300-500 and even more each and every month. You’ll probably need to outsource some of your work so it won’t be 100% profit, but with 5 figure stable income each month you have a great business model to build off of and add more geographic areas and niches.
    Also, as you build your outsourcing team you can use them to further build out and promote your own affiliate sites and strengthen that portion of your business model also. To learn more about profiting from offline businesses check out the webinar link below
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